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Welcome to the Scottish Borders LEADER Programme 2014 – 2020 website.  LEADER is a European rural development fund, part of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and delivered in Scotland through the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP).

The Scottish Government has approved an allocation of funding for Scottish Borders LEADER of £4 million and the programme was launched in 2016.   Anyone with a project in mind should complete an Expression of Interest form available on the Scottish Rural Network site.

This website describes how the LEADER Programme works in the Scottish Borders and the types of projects that are eligible for LEADER funding.  It includes details on who can apply to LEADER, and how much you can apply for.  Please contact the LEADER team at scotbordersleader@scotborders.gov.uk or on 01835 826661 if you would like to discuss your project and /or to be kept informed of availability of funds.


The big question is what will happen to the LEADER Programme following the UK referendum vote to leave the EU?

At the time of writing this the position is not clear, and a number of different scenarios are possible.  The UK and Scottish Governments have many issues to resolve, and no clear guidance is available as yet.  The Scottish Borders LEADER LAG currently has an allocation of funds and remains open to applicants, so if you have a clear idea for a project please contact the LEADER team.  For more information on how to apply, and to access the online application form and guidance, call the LEADER team on 01835 826661 or email scotbordersleader@scotborders.gov.uk.

Closing dates for the next two rounds of applications are 30 May and 31 August 2017.  Applicants are advised to get documents online at least a fortnight before the final deadline.


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